Innovation Games® Facilitation

As a trained Innovation Games® facilitator, Michele Sliger will walk your team through a set of games designed to spur creative thinking and problem solving in a safe and fun environment. The following games can be run stand-alone or in conjunction with any of the other working sessions:

*Prune the Product Tree: customers and/or product owners shape the evolution of your products and services
*Buy a Feature: customers and/or product owners “purchase” their most desired features, resulting in prioritization of the product backlog
Product Box: teams work to design a box that will sell their ideal product, generating product and user information
*Speed Boat: often used during retrospectives, teams work to identify their biggest pain points – the things that slow them down
Remember the Future: usually used in strategic planning sessions, this game allows you to understand you or your customers’ definition of success by seeing how they shape their future

* These games can be played online.