Jason Little

Agile seemed very chaotic to me and I couldn't understand why any company would work that way.

Turns Out We Weren’t Doing It Right

My lightbulb moment was taking CSM training. The “agile” organization I was in couldn’t answer the basic, common sense questions about the process as well as estimating and planning. Agile seemed very chaotic to me based on that experience and I couldn’t understand why any company would work that way. Turns out we weren’t doing it right which sounds like a common problem many companies have.

I was happy to learn, in theory, what we were doing wrong and had a great many “aha!” moments along the way as we re-adopted Agile the right way. I realized the benefits after a few long hard months of re-implementing Scrum when the team really got it and started cranking out high business value. The business stuck to talking about value and the team stuck to talking about cost. Along the way we all agreed to commit to constant improvement through retrospectives and experienced some failures, but also great successes.


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